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Dandy's Dog Grooming


Dandy's Barn,

Marsh Road,

Banks, Southport


(look for lamppost number 65 on Marsh Road. Take the farm track directly opposite lamppost number 65. We are the first property on the right)



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Dandy's Dog Grooming
Dandy's Dog Grooming

Between now and your next groom, in order to keep your dog in top condition:-

  • Brush daily using a slicker brush and a comb.


  • Remember to brush the full coat thoroughly, especially the legs, face and tail.


  • If you are going to bath your dog, make sure that you brush the coat thoroughly before you bath, as bathing a knotty or matted coat will only make the knots worse.


  • Try to walk your dog as much as possible to keep nails nice and short.


  • If you find you are not due for a groom, but nails are getting long, pop in for a nail trim in between grooms.


  • Keep an eye on the dew claws.Make sure that they are not growing and curling back into the skin.


  • Check ears on a regular basis, especially if there are signs of ear rubbing, scratching, head shaking or smelly ears - any problems, contact your vet for a checkup.


  • Keep up to date with flea and worm treatments.  Prevention is better than a cure, and it is cheaper!